keeping blue lobster with fish

Angel fish lying on it side on the bottom of tank. If you feed big wafers, they can learn to set up on top of it so when the fish come to eat it they strike. Some make a lot of waste. That’s the only one. Crayfish are freshwater crustaceans resembling small lobsters (to which they are related). They are aquatic bulldozers so get the fake plants that are anchored with weights. Thanks. Vi arbejder kun med skÃ¥nsomme kystnære fiskere, sÃ¥ du kan være sikker pÃ¥, at fiskene pÃ¥ din menu har den lavest mulig miljøpÃ¥virkning. if you dont have any fish in the tank you are planning on putting the lobster in go ahead you need live food to feed them, well this is better for them. I think the two combinations i might do with my "dream tank" with a blue fresh water lobster, thanks to you is either: 2) Giant Danios x 8-10 or Giant tigers and Odessa barbs. Many more, and if you give the lobster "cray fish" lots of hiding places then you should have no issues. The coloration of this blue beauty intensifies as it matures. Vi sørger for at du fÃ¥r den bedste kvalitet af fisk og skaldyr direkte fra havnen, og at fiskerne fÃ¥r en rimelig betaling. Reptile Forums > Help and Chat > Fish Keeping: Blue lobster/ crayfish User Name: Remember Me? Also what else mixes with angel fis... Common questions about breeding angel fish, Why your fish may be at the bottom of the tank. Yes, I’ve lost a fish or two in the early days of keeping my crayfish. The top half of the tank should be bare - floating plants will provide cover and allow the cray to ambush at the surface. Feather star squat lobster 3. By entering this site you declare Vores app forbinder kokke med skÃ¥nsomme fiskere. That's a 50% larger footprint. Get it as soon as Mon, Nov 16. Keeping Clown Loaches Together 6 for levering samme dag og placere en anmodning indtil 48 timer før din valgte leveringsdato. He let's us know it's time by digging a lot and getting real crabby... then we section him off so he can molt and harden... they are SUPER vulnerable during a molt. Time to apply, buddy! I have a blue lobster in a 90 gallon with many cichlids a bristlenose pleco, angel fish, gourami's. Would it be okay to mix Odessa barbs with Tiger barbs in your experience? Over the years of keeping my blue crayfish, or procambarus alleni, I’ve been able to watch this animal—learn about its behavior, its habits, and how it interacts with other freshwater fish in the tank. NÃ¥r du køber Blue Lobster, ved du, at fiskerne fÃ¥r betalt 2 til 4 gange mere, end hvad de normalt ville fÃ¥ for deres fangst. Thank you. What fish should I get? He and the cat fish fight, but only over territory and sucker fish sometimes sleeps on top of the crayfish or right in between his claws and he has never even attempted to "catch" him... How can I put sand into a tank that already has water and fish in it? Rainbows are really expensive - mine were $15 each. We have had a crayfish for several years. Why say to the OP, who posted over 4 years ago, to do what they want when you also say the crayfish caught your new Angelfish and your Mollies just die off? How many angel fish can i stock in a 55 gallon tank? So me, I say do what you want, itll work itself out. I just want some cool / eccentric looking fish in my large tank. but the blue lobster will eventually outgrow the aquarium. Some need a lot of space. Which unfortunately has sometimes led to situations that ended badly. Vores chauffører er ude fra mandag til lørdag, sÃ¥ du kan fÃ¥ din fisk leveret, nÃ¥r det passer dig bedst. iy will cost about £600 for an aquarium the right size plus all the live rock, heater, lights, filter. Crayfish can be kept with fish just fine.....but care must be taken to pick the right fish. Lobster experts also find it difficult to put a price tag on this beautiful creature ("There is no monetary value," says Bayer. Another favorite hunting trick is to use food as bait. This is especially true with others of their kind. Other options New and used from $20.19. You should always avoid keeping Clown Loach with any predatory fish. And if so for h... How to paint the background of your fish tank black, How long do you have to wait to add fish to a new tank? There are many different species of lobster, but there are only about 4 species that do well in a tank setting versus their natural habitat. Angels are not the right fish. And he is with a very big variety of fish including, angel fish, guppies, mollies, a male fighter, electric blue rams, corys, and many more and he hasn't snatched a single fish he is fed worms in the morning and catfish pellets at night this keeps him full and happy, Honestly you can have any fish you like with a blue lobster if he's fed right and there is plenty of hiding places, I have about 14 species of community fish with my adult blue lobster, and he doesn't mind any of them, he's fed worms in the morning and catfish pellets at night, for a treat I sometimes go to my local fishing tackle shop and get some maggots he loves them. I have a 55 gal freshwater aquarium with community fish: 1 blue paradise 1 ... How can you tell the difference between a male and female angel fish? Many crayfish owners throw live plant clippings in there for the cray to eat/shred. That's something to keep in mind in general - providing too much cover can put your fish in jeopardy. They can also be aggressive with small fish, snails, shrimp, clams, and even larger fish as well. A good invertebrate tank mate would be species of freshwater lobster or crayfish like the Blue Lobster and even freshwater crabs like the Red-Clawed Crab (providing they are kept in a paludarium as it is not a fully aquatic species). 85% chance of success is my guess on that. The Mom Mollie, who was the oldest fish jn the tank, somehow got white spot, so it was out of the tank immediately. And it's not always easy to get them, particularly with the more uncommon species. Feeding small pellets prevents this behavior since the fish don't ball up in one area. However, if you are keeping a lobster pet, introduce food that sinks to the bottom of the tank where they like dwelling. Generally a good rule to live by with fish keeping is that if they can fit it into their mouths' then they will eat it, or at least try to. Unlike other lobster species, the Blue Spiny Lobster lacks large claws and is more peaceful. One thing you need to watch out for with shrimp is the fish you keep them with. I currently have 3 electric green barbs in my current tank and they look awesome. He is a Giant Australian red clawed Crayfish. Regular. Both species are aggressive enough to do well with the cray. While their sharp pincers may look intimidating, these creatures won’t do much damage. Not a bad thing in my opinion - not when keeping them with a large school of fish. Fiskerne fÃ¥r besked, og hvis de fanger det, du leder efter, leverer vi det pÃ¥ din foretrukne leveringsdato. If you force the lobster to live in the aquarium of 20 gallons water, then it can’t survive. With the right fish, I wouldn't expect to lose more than a few fish a year. The Blue Spiny Lobster, Panulirus versicolor, also known as the Painted Spiny Lobster or Painted Crayfish, features distinctive blue stripes across its legs and a green/blue carapace. Many more, and if you give the lobster "cray fish" lots of hiding places then you should have no issues. There are other options for fish though. The lobster's body makes too much of a certain protein, which turns its shell blue. And giant danios are just insane. - and some Barb fish. My Angel fish keeps laying on her side at the bottom of the ... Do shrimps mix with angel fish? One of my large convicts got nipped on the tail, and lost a tiny piece of tail. surely that would say to you that there are problems within your tank that need rectifying. If you deal with this sea animal with proper care, it can live up to 5-6 years. Scuba Choice Palantic Blue Lobster Fish Catch Gear Nylon Game Bag Net with SS Handle. Dwarf neon rainbows stay smaller though - they would be a nice fit for a 55. So be sure to check with the clerk at the store regarding compatibility before purchasing. As with all of our crayfish, the coloration of the Electric Blue Crayfish is EXTREMELY high quality - much higher quality than others on the market! (The Nitrogen Cycle), Drip acclimation for freshwater fish and invertebrates. They WILL snag fish that are unwell. Good luck! Any suggestions on a colorful tank with fake plants, that is vibrant with the lobsters and which fish? I've kept crayfish with several barb species without any notable predation. This should ensure minimal heat fluctuations and keep the fish safe.. Due to the packing costs involved, we have a minimum order of £30 on livestock orders (excluding delivery).. They will then be shipped on our overnight service. - Blue lobster freshwater Please see Lobsters in the Marine Aquarium, Part I, for general husbandry information. Click or Tap Photos below for Full Size Photos Click or tap the images below to view full size images, then click or … Vi gør dette ved at skære fordyrene mellemled og omkostninger ud, så dine penge ender i de rigtige lommer. A word of caution though - crayfish are hunters and they will learn different techniques. YouTube used to offer all kinds of music to go with videos... - 55 gallon tank Når du køber Blue Lobster, ved du, at fiskerne får betalt 2 til 4 gange mere, end hvad de normalt ville få for deres fangst. Crayfish will eat live plants and uproot the fake ones.. anything they can climb (fake plants included) is a potential escape route... and if we give him too many toys, he will pile them up toward freedom... he LOVES his tunnel, we had to have one custom made by a local pottery place when he outgrew his smaller one, which is another concern, they molt. It is generally reef safe but may bother sessile inverts and corals. Who seems to think he's a Barb, and they don't care, 4 Gourami, A Chinese Pleco, some Weird Catfish, a huge Angelfish, and Two Crayfish (One small Blue and a huge Orange one) recently bought a smaller Angelfish but as of tonight the Orange Cray caught him. I am pretty new but like the thought of having something to work towards when i gain the full comprehension of this hobby and care taking. Yes Rainbows will do well. A video showing the Slipper Lobster’s unique mode of digging is posted here. Rainbows are just a fancier more expensive giant danio - you can keep barbs with the rainbows as well. Thanks, until next time, Frank Indiviglio Blue Spiny Lobster image referenced from wikipedia and originally posted by OpenCage Any advice? The Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobster is one of the most striking ornamental crayfish you'll ever see. A 55 is a great size for them and in my experience they keep their aggression within the school in larger tanks. Most saltwater lobsters usually feed on crabs, small fish, and shrimp. you read and agreed to the. If you are planning to keep Blue Lobsters with other crayfish or other large types of fish and invertebrates, is important to keep them in a tank with plenty of hiding places. Spiny Blue Lobsters can be fed meaty items such as shrimp, squid, mussels etc. Is he sick? Lobsters are not picky eaters and they will accept anything that you give to them as foods like chopped fish meat, market prawns or even shellfish will be fine. I am wanting a 55 gallon tank and am set on having a Blue lobster as my bottom feeder but do not want to put my fish in jeopardy. I've already given my suggestion for stocking numbers - how many depends on the size of the species you choose. Arrange a meeting with us at our office, We'll be happy to work with you! Vi mener, at produktet er alt.Ved at lave den korteste mulige logistikkæde er vi i stand til at levere den friskeste fisk og skaldyr pÃ¥ markedet direkte fra havnen til dit køkken, generelt inden for 48 timer efter landingen. Please let us know how that works out. Spiny lobsterKeep in mind: Each type of lobster comes with their own set of requirements. It is nice I don't have to take dead fish out anymore. Blue also lobsters have poor eyesight but … Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobster can be territorial and aggressive by nature. You have made me very excited to upgrade my tank now. That’s it. Regarding fake plants and crays - they can destroy them too so don't go spending lots of money on expensive fake plants until you know if yours has a propensity for shredding. Red lobster 4. From what I've read those "lobsters" are crayfish and very effective predators. I am planning on moving aggressively up on my tank size over time after i get the hang of this wonderful hobby. You can't allow any holes in the lid. With the lobster I think it will stay more towards the bottom. So I have a month old tank. Ours lives with an upside down catfish and a sucker fish. That's right there are freshwater fish that will eat your shrimp. As regular lobsters do, blue lobsters use their strong claws to feed on mollusks, fish, and variations of sea algae. Sorry to say but your tank is hugely overstocked and you will experience problems. He is pretry big, about 8 inches, and this is what I have learned: they are GREAT escape artists... our tank is very sealed but I still watch my step in the morning... we have found him in a variety of places.

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