shark diving at guadalupe island

Guadalupe Island Liveaboard Dive Expedition The Best Great White Shark Diving on Earth! I have nothing bad at all to say and about a million great comments. According to Nexstar, Couey was hunting with Kevin Stipe near Leesburg, in Central Florida, in late November, when the "monster" gator swept in for the easy meal. Great White Shark Cage Diving in Guadalupe Island, Baja California. This is one of the favorite expeditions of wildlife photographers and videographers from all around the world. The volcanic island of Guadalupe has some of the best shark cage diving in the world due to clear waters and consistent sightings. Guadalupe island has become the world´s best location for diving with great white sharks. It could have turned and swam away.”, –Images and video are courtesy of Arturo Islas Allende, Sign up for the For The Win newsletter to get our top stories in your inbox every morning. We also pioneered submersible cages at Guadalupe Island and operate a 3-person submersible cage to 30 feet. Spend three adrenaline-filled days cage diving in multiple shark cages. We own this. Isla Guadalupe is considered one of the best places on the whole planet to view great white sharks. Crews are not allowed to feed them and cages must meet specifications set by the Mexican government. [vc_row full_width=”stretch_row_content_no_spaces” css=”.vc_custom_1492553369017{padding-top: 5% !important;padding-bottom: 5% !important;}” el_id=”solmar__destination-wrap”][vc_column css=”.vc_custom_1492552955602{padding-top: 4% !important;padding-right: 6% !important;padding-bottom: 4px !important;padding-left: 8% !important;}”][cl_heading title=”Guadalupe Island Shark Diving” style=”single-line”][vc_column_text]Shark diving in Guadalupe Island is the most exiting adventure for certified and non-certified divers, since you will be breathing surfaced supplied air, no diving certification is required. All of our Guadalupe diving trips are 4 nights/5 days with 3 full days of white shark cage diving. Have lots of divemasters in the water and on the dive deck to ensure an excellent diving … Come dive with Nautilus Explorer & Belle Amie off the coast of Baja California, Mexico Many sharks are identifiable based on distinctive markings and are part of an expansive database. www.CageDiver.com - Great White Shark Dive Mexico Open the cages at 6:30am. The Ultimate Great White Shark Cage Diving Company in North America. Nautilus Belle Amie Great White Trip. This small volcanic island located in the Pacific 240 kilometers (150 miles) off the west coast of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula outperforms both South Africa and Australia with … RELATED: Can you spot the hidden object in this great white shark photo? White Shark Diving on Guadalupe Island White Shark Diving on Guadalupe Island. Schedule and Rates - Great White Sharks of Guadalupe Island | Go face to face in crystal clear water using unique submersible cages resulting in natural interaction. Certified divers can use scuba equipment while cage diving at 30 feet (10 meters). This is one of the favorite expeditions of wild life photographers and videographers from all around the world. An ambitious endeavor, but the pinfish were slippery and one wriggled free and continued to wriggle as it plummeted toward earth. It’s important to note that both certified divers and non-divers can participate in Great White Shark diving near Guadalupe Island. While Mark Smith's footage is spectacular, he informed For The Win Outdoors that he recently captured footage of an osprey flying off with three fish in its talons. Located 250 miles east southwest of the port of Ensenada, Baja California, Guadalupe Island is very close to the San Diego area US-Mexico border.

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