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The block featured in this review is a new design created by EVGA specifically for the RTX 2080 Ti Kingpin Edition and the unique features of that card. Support for VirtualLink functionality requires updated OS, which is currently only Windows 10 Fall 2018 Update or later version. Data provided in this guide was verified on multiple cards to best effort, but slight variations in numbers or results for graphics adapters are still possible due to different test conditions and running environment. Various USB Type-C connector pins may be re-configured to support different interface needs, including display connectivity. In 24/7 daily overclocking using stock Hybrid or full-cover HydroCopper waterblock general suggestion is to leave GPU voltage alone and ensure good airflow in chassis to provide lowest possible GPU temperatures. Image 9: Dimensions for cooler mounts around GPU and memory spacing. Also elevated memory voltages help to keep the GPU’s memory controller from flaking out on extreme cold thus limiting max memory OC. Just like previous Pascal chips maximum stable clocks in this generation are still very sensitive to die temperature. Table 5: OLED display examples and configuration options. Now you may ask, how can I get card to show advertised 520W in Precision X1 or OLED? Image 58: Kingpincooling.com ICON 3.0 with RTX 2080 Ti KPE card. Don't ask me what as I'm not into bioses enough to know. Nice video review on some hardware aspects and power delivery circuitry is available from Gamers Nexus YouTube channel: Also here are reference points, key resistance values measured with high-accuracy Keysight 3458A DMM on good working card: Table 3: Nominal resistance on main power rails on RTX 2080 Ti KPE card. Image 39: EVGA Precision X1 software main UI, in OLED configure mode. This is same process as in Pascal and previous GPUs. In no event shall the author, xDevs.com site, or any other 3rd party, including EVGA or NVIDIA be liable for any special, direct, indirect, or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tortuous action, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of information published here. Some additional idea of the temperature gradients could be checked by thermal imaging. Image 45-46: OLED glass placed in the metal frame. This means that using common 18AWG cable from PSU, 6-pin connector as result specified for 17A of current (3 contacts for +12V power, 2 contacts for GND return, one contact for presence detect). Any of the three BIOSes can be flashed with unofficial KPE BIOS ROMs and operated independently. For LN2 benchmarking make sure to disable NVVDD OCP and enable LN2 VRM mode settings! For LN2 benching showing GPU temperature and GPU Die temperature sensors is most useful to monitor thermal interface quality and grease contact. Image 24: Overclocked run with stock voltage/VRM settings. If you need reset to default settings – just power cycle the system, that will clear any classified settings. EVGA does allow the end-user to perform a standard replacement of the cooling solution on the graphics card without losing the product warranty, but that only applies if the device was not mechanically or electrically altered. CPU was cooled by own EVGA CLC 240 AIO, with no airflow around motherboard (VRM heatsink on motherboard not installed). If you want to display framerate – OSD also must be enabled. Firmware update tool is bundled in ZIP-archive together with firmware. Because power limiter also works as peak power limit, it is not obvious when power cap is causing a hit on available performance. Reported temperature delta: Depends on what sensor you use as reference, delta between loaded to idle temperatures vary from 8.0 °C to 13 °C. Never use LN2 in a small, poorly ventilated room. Graph below is provided by 3Dmark shows the difference. For this test, we will use oscilloscope, special high-current probe, and voltage probe to tap +12V level for power calculation. Image 3: I/O interface bracket with all display output ports. However, block is available separately for DIY installation by user. The RTX 2080 Ti Kingpin is EVGA’s first graphics card to feature a display displaying some basic information. With the RTX 2080, we achieved an average of +113 MHz and a top-end OC of around +90 … BIOS can be flashed using NVFlash from TechPowerUp. If you was paying attention to our previous guides and materials about graphic cards, then it’s obvious to see very similar VRM used on much more expensive Titan V graphics card. This section guides you thru the installation of such kit in steps. If you’re using two power supplies make sure to turn on “VGA” power supply always first and turn off last. The Kingpin 2080 Ti utilizes a hybrid AIO closed loop cooling design, similar to its hybrid cards in the past. Starting from version Precision X1 will not be doing firmware update checks for KPE card, so to make sure OLED, fan control and monitoring operating correctly, make sure to verify you are running latest MCU firmware on the card. It is actually quite easy to test. Settings related to OLED available at the dedicated tab, exclusive to Kingpin Edition card. HydroCopper full-cover block for this card is also available. Thermal pads located behind GPU and VRM components help to transfer some of the heat into the backside of the board. Install board onto frame and mount it using 4 short screws. The performance will be capped significantly way before you’d be able to reach averaged 520W power reporting in PX1. HydroCopper block will come with own OLED assembly preinstalled, due to risk of damage for thin fragile glass screen if disassembled. HMD devices of two power classes are supported: Keep in mind, VirtualLink is supported only on Captive USB Type-C specially designed cables. Precision X1 and Kingpin Edition RTX 2080 Ti will report real monitoring, just like standalone DMM connected to ProbeIt. Measurement difference varies with type of the load, by usually stays within 5-7%. Undo 18 Philips-head screws that hold the card together. Currently OLED can be used to display many items. It is well known and typical with many performance enthusiasts to buy multiple units of CPU or graphics card to find better performers for daily use and reselling the “less overclockable” samples on used market. Proceed with caution and at your own risk as only you are responsible for the possible outcome of out of spec stress. For the RTX 2080 Ti on average we achieved +181 MHz, but at the top end our OC is just +150 MHz. Treat liquid nitrogen and any cooled object with respect. Other graphics adapters like FTW, SC-series, or any other 3rd party card would not show additional voltages due to lack of special KPE hardware. Power reading shows energy consumed by GPU over time when it’s busy doing the work. 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During all power tests we are measuring current flowing into card thru 8pin +12V power cables and both NVVDD GPU voltage and input +12V voltage at ProbeIt header.
With a limited and expensive card like Kingpin Edition RTX 2080 Ti doing this selection process would become really hard. Power in watts calculated by multiplication +12V readout with +12V current. Loadline switches MEMLL and GPULL allow trimming droop that may fit particular benchmark/GPU better, depends on running conditions.

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