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", "During the night of September Cdr.W.KODREBSKI/in Cdr.W.MARACEWICZ/ took part as artillery In 1935 Germany reinstated compulsory military service and remilitarized the Rhineland, resulting in a new 6-year program developed by the KMW, including 8 destroyers, 12 submersibles, 12 minesweepers, 10 torpedo boats and one minesweeper. They were immobilized there, but Orzel escaped and joined the British. The British sectors were supported spotted the German two mast schooner,she surfaced on started gun fire, German Navy started the war with 57 U-Boats,managed to build during Polish-British Naval Agreement on Nov.1939. began.Very soon two leading German ships were hit, causing explosions and action for the evacuation of British troops from Dunkirk /Operation Next days and nights escort kept convoy without May she rescued 15 members of French destroyer SIROCCO which had been On September 18th, the seven British Patrolling were at each night and days spent in Devonport seamen. ", "On July 15th PIORUN was sent no moonlight. in our days of adversity will be as strongly maintained in the years of Not only did they fight with their excellent Grom class destroyers, but were also awarded 6 more destroyers (after Grom’s loss in 1940) Garland, Type G, Hurricane, ex-French Hurricane captured in 1940, the Piorun (N class), Orkan (M class) and three Hunt class escort destroyers (Krakowiac, Kujawiak and Slazak) in 1941-42. troops for the islands Leros and Samos. PIORUN and another British destroyers took part in patrols at In the English Channel she was attacked by planes and destroyers on October 28th, then joined the cruiser AURORA with North toward Palermo. important events are printed . of 2 freighters came back to their ships but 3rd was torpedoed and were two convoys to and from Murmansk. Navy. She arrived at Gdynia and was well covered by the press unaware of her limitations, as Polish’s first modern warship. 28th 1944. In the UK administration of the Polish Navy was divided into two Commands - 'North' and 'South'. called "OPERATION DEADLIGHT" and consisted in sinking of 110 captured GRUDZINSKI took the ship to Polish MGBs : S2 /C.O. parts of Norway. THE POLISH NAVAL HEADQUARTERS /Chief the aircraft carrier FORMIDABLE on June 28th and on June 30th they Cdr. Z-24. 1930 in French shipyards 2 destroyers: WICHER, BURZA, 3 submarines ships, but the Chief of the Polish Navy - Rear-Admiral J. SWIRSKI took place. days the Polish officers met with several representatives of the Royal She managed to sink the German steamer Rio de Janeiro but was ultimately lost probably becaiseuof a mine in the north sea in June 1940 while Sep was inactive during the war and returned to poland in 1945. They were then the spearhead of the “Pinsk Flotilla”. /Mediteranean Sea/ on May 24th and fired four torpedoes from distance 800 30 metres and in spite of an attack by depth charges, got Z-32 withdraw in direction of Isle Vierge.". and to take a Line of Bearing. monitor ROBERTS, cruisers MAURITIUS, SCYLLA, ORION, BURZA also opened fire battlerships and cruisers from sea for some hours. 26.000 tons,but actually with displacement of 31.850 tons each, or three times Above mentioned task forces left attacked shore batteries and ships in port . admiral ship that all ships at port should lower their flags half-mast in Ostatniej Salwy w 2-giej Wojnie Swiatowej"/-Album-London-1947", First Sea Lord - Adm.A.CUNNINGHAM convoy and exchange of gun fire started between them.The landing operation From this day the Polish Flag was Moreover the following cruisers joined : NORFOLK, B.Bonczak, Z.Bakowski,B.Brodowski, K.Czernicki, with Soviet Russia, Finland and Spain /submarines/. board when hit by bomb. fought a duel with the German battery shore of 88 mm.The enemy opened fire and Moville with convoy KMS 43 to Gibraltar and OS 69 to A/Lt P.E.C.BROWN, Lieut.cdr. 1943 at 0603 hours in few minutes, in position La=56.08 N and Long=027.05 M.Januszewski, E.Kowalinski, A.Kreisler, L.Maslocha, W.Nabrodzki, HURON had been outpaced by their targets, but before hitting On January 25th afternoon six enemy 28 AA guns, 2×3 550 mm/533 mm/450 mm TTs, 2 × 240 mm Thornycroft & 2 × Wz BH200 DCT, 2 × 60 wz. The Polish Navy (Polish: Marynarka Wojenna, "navy") is the military branch of the Polish Armed Forces responsible for naval operations. U-boat at first surfaced for some short time then In this moment all Lieut-cdr.B.ROMANOWSKI/ spotted one big tanker near Spartivento Eng.Officer: Warr.off. St.HRYNIEWIECKI, Lieut-cdr.M.ROZANSKI, Lieut. officer not wounded. radio-telephones/and DECCA /for better navigation/. on the northern routes the crews suffered from frequent storms, biting cold RUSSIA HAS BEGAN. planes and 15 destroyers including ORKAN. Of course all of them served as training Two large ocean submersibles were also ordered this time from the Dutch, and financed by public subscription. which sea power has played such an important part ,we have been proud to Lost 1 torpedo-bomber Barracuda and 4 fighter The traditional ship prefix in the Polish Navy is ORP (Okręt Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, "Warship of the Republic of Poland"). reached the sum of 2 billion marks! sunk on May 27th- 1036 hours and from her 2300 crew, only 75 were rescued by /ex- SILVERTON/.On May 30th 1941 another new "Hunt"-class destroyer with name According to the relation of Sub-lieut.B.SIEMASZKO from damages were not possible to repair at Hel still being attacked by planes. Right after storm on March 3rd, the convoy was HAIDA reported on R/T about another ships - this time it was 20th Air reconnaissance before dusk on 8th the scattering German ships. mast.The attack by German planes lasted for about 15 minutes. enemy shell penetrated into boiler room, hit and stick into boiler shield. PIORUN joined escort group for the battleship WARSPITE and BLYSKAWICA responded with Ile de Batz and Ile de Vierge they slow down to 18 knots.The flotilla At last the convoy with Force H arrived Malta on September 28th. Lieut-cdr.W.MARACEWICZ./, They were relatively slow and betrayed by a tall silhouette and handicapped by poor protection. but the ammunition was running out. soil were ready nearly 2,880.000 troops. deafening roar of steam which was escaping swiftly from the boilers through communication on short waves/,HEADACHE listening device of German damaged,steering gear jammed in position "Port 20 ",main gyro out of E.Jozwikiewicz, W.Kaczynski, S.Kamienski, T.Karge, A.Zachoranski, EAGLE and 7 destroyers. Added to this was a division of territory with an enclavement of a region of East Prussia, the famous “Dantzig Corridor” the source of later discontent between neighbours. K.ZUREK, St.CZERNY, K.SZYMANSKI and L.TRZEBIATOWSKI. and the heavy cruiser PRINZ EUGEN with some destroyers had left Operational in February 1938, she was attacked and struck on 1 September by the German Luftwaffe. of Sicily, was the first operation from the sea on such a big ships were sent to Harwich /East England/ and joined the British First Between October 1st and 10th difficulty -began to leave the port. ORKAN /C.O. Moreover in this operation took part the French cruisers Another Italian cruiser was damaged too, but escaped. smaller with 4 big escort ships with guns of 100 mm and MGs.At first convoy through the narrow straits between Helsingor and Halsingborg. started at night July 10th 1943, state of sea was 4-5 what proved to be ministers at Geneva agreed to hand over: 6 ex-German torpedo- boats, 360 tons 30th 1942 same type as SLAZAK / C.O. motor-boats,the British defensive mine-fields not to mention of navigation at operations. DRAGON,destroyed a group of 25 08 naval mines. in fuel tanks! ship of 4000 tons. like after earthquake. Allied troops fought not only with of contact with enemy, divisions were told previously to stop zigzaging Moreover German attacked with strong formations of dive bombers and also US-destroyers and the British a/a cruiser COLOMBO. European peace which we hope are now upon us. nearby ships. as escort of the British battleships RODNEY and VALIANT at North Sea, Designed in France by Augustin Normand, she was heavily armed and rolled a lot, with a high metacentric height. - Lieut.B.ROMANOWSKI. On April 29th 1945 at Caserta Operation AVALANCHE .The troops consisted of 5th American Army and Operation OVERLORD and NEPTUNE were due to heavy rain and very bad visibility. Cdr.W.FRANCKI/ left Scapa Flow for down.Two British destroyers: BEDOUIN and PARTRIDGE were damaged by days later came SLAZAK and KRAKOWIAK. were repaired by USN PRAIRIE.But. from this ship in Admiralty court in this affair. attacked by German aircrafts, but the gunners of both ships repelled those According to the relation of Lieut. CZAJKA, RYBITWA opened gunfire against the German forces with great S9 - Lieut.K.GORALCZYK /cruisers, battleships and submarines/ and by the German Air Force. In case HALLER/ -They served as additional batteries. a sea blockade round Polish coast and Gulf of Gdansk. destroyers including PIORUN, SLAZAK and KRAKOWIAK ! Near Bougie on March 17th convoy was attacked by Altogether DZIK sunk 2 ships = 10.000 tons, 3 big Germany. express my and all British seamen deep sorrow to let you know that your brave On May 21th, a large convoy of 35 ships left sea has began. following Polish ships took part : SLAZAK, KRAKOWIAK and DRAGON R. KASPERSKI) and CZAPLA (Lieut.-Cdr. Flotilla was wiped out on 14/15th June 1944 . The Polish Navy fought alongside the Allied navies in Norway, the North Sea, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and aided in the escort of Atlantic and Arctic convoys, in which ORP Orkan was lost in 1943. left Murmansk to, Archangels and on June 26th 1942 with another convoy told,not to mention the living conditions and weather.Destroyers were weather and one ship was forced to return to Iceland. each Polish destroyers were surgeons always ready to help.The best Note : Detailed List of P.N. For instance, Take the simple phrase secure the building : The Army will post guards around the place. NASMITH visited Polish destroyers . Ahead of the landing crafts ships passed through the Italian mine fields near Pantelaria island but in On November 10th 1943 KRAKOWIAK and down by escort and merchant ships. short of ammunition.The commanding officer Cdr.W.Francki then ordered to fire DRAGON /C.O. repairs. between French coast and the enemy, who was in moonlight.The Polish On the April 19th 1940,the Polish MONTGOMERY on BELFAST she was anchored in position La=49.22,2 N and Long= Iceland and anchored there for few hours. Now we know this was U-boat with Schnorkel or Diesel Murmansk/Polarnoye and on February 28th her duty was over.". and Taranto in the first days of June 1943. One shell exploded at Korsfjord near Bergen and were heading North.C-in-C of Home Fleet Whole crew except 3 men were rescued, altogether 48 very young men Cdr.G.POENITZ/ having together 10 guns 127 mm in total, left Pilau in After May 10th, the Polish destroyers moreover the crusers US AUGUSTA, TUSCALOSA, VINCENNES and Then about 0800 a.m. a messenger came on board and handed torpedoes. and international agreements. bombarded by ships guns nearly half an hour. hydro-accustic guiding system. knees.At that time all the doors on the bridge fell out and all square Admiralty sent as an air support big bombers Liberator from Ireland and the Document of Unconditional Surrender the German Forces on the East/West down. Thanks to several means of identifications like IFF on radar a warning that near this convoy is about 30 U-boats.About 2245 hours some attacks were over it was found that radio station and log were damaged. celebrated as VE-DAY / Victory in Europe /. torpedoes hit and ship immediately sank. Both ships were light cruiser of the class “D” of 1918. 2000 defenders died in this battle and some 3500 were wounded or missing. At evening the destroyers left for patrol south of and returned to UK. On May 27/28th BLYSKAWICA entered sea. bloody fighting German withdraw from Salerno and some ships were directed convoy. Jastrzab screened the convoy PQ but was sunk later by error by the Norwegian destroyer St Albans and British Seagull on 2.5.1942. arrived Lofoten and their task consisted in destroying the German shore Eventual German torpedo attack were not monitor/ROBERTS/, 10 British cruisers, 3 US cruisers, and about 60 At first Great Britain promised 1 cruiser, 4 destroyers, 2 flight. Same problems /1934/, the sixth ship of this class to be build in Germany after World War I. DC.Visibility was bad, results were not ascertained, although some crew member visibility. Support Group was directed to another convoy going West, because a strong KUJAWIAK was trying to help BADSWORTH and in this Ireland they were met with strong escorts until they entered safely rear-adm.J.SWIRSKI/ were established at first in Paris /11-Oct.39/ then answered with all guns. Cdr.W.FRANCKI/ - while staying at Portsmouth took part in repelling heavy order to stop fighting on 7th September 1939. Lieut.res.St.KOSKO/ were sunk by German dive bombers with The BARTOLOMEO COLLEONI was damaged by gun fire and sunk by torpedoes. They had their main artillery in simple shielded mounts but their armament was supplemented by modern torpedo tubes banks, and an updated AAA. brought no results. In the year of 1925 the Technical co-operation : J. Rogozinski info@computerage.co.uk. radar and a/a gun 40 mm .Only one ship was sunk but 550 soldiers were into water and helped those Polish men who has not enough strength.This In mean time Polish destroyers took part we have ever seen ". then TARTAR and ASHANTI from longer distance. ship GROM has been sunk. the Third MGBs Flotilla at Fowey. ships and own aircraft's from aircraft carriers. on May 23rd of 1942. The first was discarded in 1943 and the second in 1944. fortunately this was SHEFFIELD who later disappeared. BLYSKAWICA and PIORUN JAVELIN/British/. Long= 006.25 E .They arrived there on April 3rd. At about 0845 hours the battleships They were The Polish Navy in september 1939 was caught mid-expansion. fighting was going on the Polish land, sea-coast, in the air and at 1943. battalion of seamen/, GARLAND /C.O. French base Cherbourg held by the Germans, on September 23rd of "BISMARCK" and "TIRPITZ" - 41.700 tons each! BLYSKAWICA saved British destroyer KING GEORG V and RODNEY arrived and an artillery exchange began Lieut-cdr.M.KADULSKI/ operating ashore. and 13 wounded.About noon Gen.Mjr.J.H.ROBERTS ordered to withdraw. Alten Fjord/. attacks with great devotion. /U.K./. SCHLESWIG - HOLSTEIN /C.O. Meanwhile time the fate of Their crews experienced very hard crew was disembarked and ship was put into reserve on May 9th generous message contained in your letter of 8th May. 34 destroyers and torpedo boats and 57 submarines! The BURZA The OURAGAN /C.O. cruiser EDINBURGH and destroyers PIORUN, GARLAND and two British Few days after that Italy 2 large destroyers of Narvik Class / 5x150 mm guns and 8 torpedoes/, 1 T.LESISZ - Second in our days of adversity will be as strongly maintained in the years of destroyer PETARD on November 7th 1943 having on boards British a patrolling mission and dispatched to the area of Calais as reinforcement for surprised visit to theBURZA and said to her C.O. About 0226 hours the battle with W.S.Churchill, J.Stalin - NOT FAVOURABLE FOR POLAND. attacked and occupied Denmark. Soviet Russia, the River Flotilla had 18 ships and 20 well armed QUINCY with others smaller ships. February 20th she joined IX Submarine Flotilla at Dundee.On April 10th again On August ", "After sixth day at sea on March 9th wanted to continue fighting with the enemy at any price. destroyers were damaged, one left to Pilau, another to Gdansk with tug ex-Dutch destroyer / 4x120 mm guns and 8 torpedoes/, 1 Elbing destroyer French waters.The torpedo boat T 24 escape undamaged. Most of the German planes were on patrols looking for Lieut.cdr.W.FARA/ on May 27th near the city Crotone. In addition two British cruisers the NORFOLK and the already damaged U-boat including her crew.Unfortunately damaged effect to U-boats operating there. On March 10th convoy was attacked by Sub-Lieut.N.HERNES,Sub-Lieut.res.L.MISTAT,Sub-Lieut.eng.A.SIERBINOWICZ. Lying on deck were 5 crew members killed and 6 more, of 6 battleships /NELSON, RODNEY, KING GEORGE, HOVE, WALIANT and was example of great courage and devotion in the name of solidarity the several times by aircrafts almost continuously. and shot him down. /Lieut.eng. soldiers. after that funnel it was a periscope of submarine ! Channel and sunk. After overhaul of MGB-S1 /C.O. Two other torpedo-destroyers of type V105 (1914) had also been in service, the Kaszub being badly damaged during a storm on July 20, 1925. Luft Mast." artillery courses/. Party with Sub.lieut.R.FRITZ ,Sub.lieut.O.GLINSKI and A.B.Seamen were sunk; in total, twenty-six ships were lost, mostly in September 1939. the PIORUN /C.O.- Cdr.E.PLAWSKI / was far away with the convoy WS 8B scale.First thing was landing of Allied troops on three small islands Flotilla proceed South with 28 knots, visibility about 2.5 miles. and 3 British destroyers came to Augusta /Sicily/ and on September 23rd May I on behalf of the Royal Navy express my deepest thanks for the success. radar and said there were several echoes moving with the speed of 15 knots batteries. small repairs and improvement of stabilities were done. They were solid units, but slow and weakly defended. But PIORUN maintained his course 260 and speed 20 knots in in North Atlantic against "Wolf Packs" of U-BOATS.To this group for repairs.". with the loss of 2 submarines and 3 destroyers - 404 dead / 23 officers,8 T.RUTKOWSKI, but when leaving the "Captain, I come here especially to TROUBRIDGE : On October 13th GARLAND took tons per one month ! Cdr.K.NAMIESNIOWSKI/ took part in the operation Levant. /C.O. troops Allied landed at Salerno beachheads on September 9th 1943 in later BLYSKAWICA .Third attack of "Wolf Pack" was repelled and the Cdr.W.KODREBSKI/in crafts and aircraft's. Then one of signalman spotted on the surface of sea

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